Highly publicized custody battle resolved

One of the most disagreed upon aspects of a divorce is child custody. Parents may each want to have sole custody or may want more visitation time than the other spouse thinks they should get. A child custody agreement can have a huge impact on the lives of the children involved. It is important to remember that acting in the best interest of the children is the most important thing in these situations.

A recent cross-country custody dispute over a 2-year-old girl was finally settled last week. The custody battle between the girl’s foster mother – the only parent she has ever known – and her biological father ended last Monday. It was decided that that foster mother, who lives in Orange County, will gain custody, and the girl’s father, an Ohio resident, will receive some visitation rights, which had not been worked out.

The foster mother said she was shocked when the father’s lawyers approached her about working out a settlement.

The foster mother, who is unmarried, decided she wanted to adopt a child after several failed attempts at having her own. An adoption agency introduced her to the young girl’s mother, who gave the foster mother custody when the baby was born.

After some question over whether the girl’s father was actually the biological father, a paternity test proved he was. He had filed a paternity claim a few months before. He has spent time in prison for domestic abuse and has lost his license numerous times for failing to pay child support.

The girl’s foster mother says she will not shut the father’s family out. She says her primary objective in maintaining a relationship is so that the girl can know her two half-sisters, who are in the custody of the man’s mother.

Resolving a child custody dispute can be very difficult. Experienced Coral Springs divorce attorneys understand the complexities of such cases and know that the children’s best interest is always the most important thing.  

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