How to keep your finances organized during a divorce

Although a divorce is often intensely emotional and difficult, it can also be overwhelming in a logistical sense. You will find yourself entrenched in a complicated legal system, as well as the long process of separating your home and your finances from your husband or wife. Therefore, it is no wonder that staying organized is […]

Highly publicized custody battle resolved

One of the most disagreed upon aspects of a divorce is child custody. Parents may each want to have sole custody or may want more visitation time than the other spouse thinks they should get. A child custody agreement can have a huge impact on the lives of the children involved. It is important to remember that […]

Two Park construction workers injured in roof collapse

Two construction workers were injured on Monday afternoon after a tunnel roof collapsed in  Park on a tunnel that leads to the rear casino entrance of the park. The 30-year-old New Castle man and the 46-year-old Middletown man both fell approximately 20 feet when the roof collapsed. The Newark Post reports that both men were […]

Student Injured in Car Accident

A high school student suffered serious personal injuries in a Jersey City car and pedestrian accident Monday morning. The Dickenson High School student sustained critical injuries after being struck by the rear view mirror of a passing car near the intersection of Vroom Street and Summit Avenue. The student was reportedly wearing headphones as she […]

Nanodevice Could Detect Mild Brain Injuries Immediately, On Scene

Researchers at the Greensboro Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering in North Carolina are developing a new tool that could radically improve how we detect brain injuries after accidents. Instead of requiring the use of an MRI or CAT scan — which can only detect relatively serious injuries to the brain and can only be […]